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Trial Technicians

Centext Gold’s trial technicians are available nationwide and most have hundreds of engagements on their resume. We maintain both a full-time staff of trial technicians and a close-knit group of contract technicians that we hire on a case-by-case basis. Each trial technician is experienced, professional looking, professional sounding and expert in their craft.

Equipment Rental

Centext Gold’s trial consultants will advise counsel on the best combination of resources (HD/Hi-Lumen projector, screen, flat panel monitors, 75" 4k Television on mobile stand, state of the art sound system, ELMO) to display evidence in the courtroom.
The consultant will visit the courtroom in advance of trial and coordinate with court staff to facilitate the smooth and successful deployment of technology.

Custom Graphics Demonstratives

Centext Gold’s trial consultants will assist counsel in the development of demonstrative evidence to encapsulate the central themes of a case.
Dynamic communication of case-critical information is achieved through the creative mix of timelines, interactive PowerPoint slides as well as custom demonstrative evidence we create in-house to ensure that key facts resonate throughout a trial.

Video Synchronization

Videotaped depositions synchronized to transcripts offer a unique way to enhance impeachment opportunities.
Fully searchable text allows for easy creation of video clips and ensures that no moments are missed.
Testimony comes alive as the words scroll beneath the picture, providing the added bonus of assisting jurors with hearing impairments.

Document Production

Centext Gold offers full service reprographics and imaging solutions around the clock with electronic availability around the globe. Using award-winning document imaging software, we provide the most powerful solutions available.

Video Editing

Centext Gold’s video department staff are experts when it comes to creating, editing, and producing deposition clips to be played both before trial as well as in trial in front of a judge and jury. Our ability to create & edit clips on the fly allows for video to be played in court in a very timely manner. We also offer the ability to simultaneously present and annotate exhibits alongside of the clip that we are playing

Custom Medical Illustrations

Medical illustrations are prepared from your client's X-Rays, CTs, MRIs & Medical Records. Also, we work closely with your medical expert to insure accuracy